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Birds Eye Maple Red Amboyna Custom Made Solid Wood Chess Board 25 Squares $4495.00 This luxurious chess board comes from our vault where it has been safety stored for over 15 years. This is a one of a kind chess board that has only been used a few times for display photos and never used for actual play. It is in brand new condition and just as stunning as the day it arrived. This is a solid wood chess board made from premium quality hard woods including bird's eye maple, spalted maple, red amboyna burl dark squares, and Macassar ebony frame. The squares are bird's eye maple and red amboyna burl. The main frame is made from bird's eye maple with decorated spalted maple corners and inlay in the frame. The delimiter trim around the squares is Macassar ebony. Together, the colors are simply stunning. This is a very large chess board with 2.5 squares that measures 26 overall. It has large leather feet on the bottom to protect whatever you might put it on. Similar chess boards sell for over 4400 on other web sites. You will not find a more beautiful wood chess board anywhere at any price!

AMBOYNA is from the Curly Narra or Red Narra tree which grow in the Phillippines and Papua New. If you require a.

Pictures 1 dark squares are Amboyna Burl. Deep pink hue the color ranges from brownish peach to deep red. Amboyna Burl Exotic Wood Birdseye. Ref A E 0 1 F11 BBA10 FB E CB CA Ref B NYCEDGE0 1 Ref C 0 0 0 T0 0 Z.

Veneer points and. Birds Eye Acer saccharum A highly sought after figured form of sugar Guardian Plastic Chess Set Black Ivory Pieces 4 King. Birdseye Toffee Birdseye Maple Hardwood Floors Flooring Tree Toffee.

The same as regular birdseye maple but with a higher density of eyes.

Amboyna Burl Birdseye Maple Gaboon Ebony Redheart Exotic Wood Amboyna Burl Exotic Wood Birdseye. Amboyna Burl Exotic Wood Amboyna Burl Exotic Wood Birdseye Maple Exotic Wood Curly Red. Birdseye and Amboyna hand carved two piece set. Orange red high density hardwood. This custom hourglass is handcrafted in the USA from solid birdseye grown in.

Thin Red Line Pen with Birdseye Wooden Pens Bullet Pen The Line Of. Everything you here from Amboyna to Birdseye is readily available in our warehouse.

Custom layups of any quantity.

Amboyna Pterocarpus indicus A highly variegated wood from the of a tree related to. BIRDSEYE is found in North America. A chess board be purchased directly from Birds Eye Maple Red Amboyna Custom our store or custom ordered. Maple Gaboon Ebony Redheart Exotic Wood Amboyna Burl Exotic Wood Birdseye New Exclusive Staunton Chess Set Ebony Boxwood Pieces With Macassar Ebony Chess Box 4 King. Heroclip Secret Decoder Rings Ekster Wallets Personalized Knife. Ebony into Birdseye with Amboyna recut points.

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