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Bucephalus Staunton Chess Set with Ebony Boxwood Pieces 45 King $599.99 This exquisite chess set is named after the famous war horse Bucephalus, that Alexander the Great rode throughout his many military conquests in the middle east. Bucephalus is a Greek name meaning ox head, conjuring the image of a strong, broad and thick head. The knight was designed with this in mind creating a large but intricately detailed knight. Only the very best craftsmen can carve knights with this level of detail including eyes, nostrils, mouth, and teeth. What really stands out on this knight is the large and elegant mane flowing down the horses neck. All of the pieces are beautifully shaped with an elegant profile that forms a cohesive design from king to pawn. The lathe work is extraordinary with compound collars and eloquent lines precisely turned into the base of each piece. This set is made from genuine ebony and boxwood and the pieces are heavily weighted for for exceptional stability on the chess board. This is a large set with a king that is 4.5 tall with a 1.875 base. The king features a highly ornate finial that is unique from any other chess set in our collection. Whether you are a collector or looking for your one special chess set, you will be thoroughly pleased with Bucephalus!Chess Set Features Genuine Ebony Boxwood Pieces individually hand polished with solid lacquer and buffing wheel King Height 4.5 King Base 1.875 King Weight 4.2 oz. Chess Set Weight 88 oz. 2 spare queens are included for pawn promotion Green Baize Cloth Pads Recommended Chess Board Size 2.375 2.5 Squares chessboard is not included

British Staunton chess set with ebony and boxwood pieces weighted extra queens green felt pads King Floppy Chess Board Black Buff 225 Squares. Fierce Knight Staunton Chess Set in Ebony Boxwood Set The Chess Store.

The prancing stallion makes us think about Bucephalus fearless horse of the Great. S Bucephalus Chess Set Ebony Box Wood in Mohali Punjab. New Exclusive Staunton Chess Set In Ebony Box wood. Interested in this product. Fearless horse of the Great.

Indian Chetak Ii Staunton Chess Set In Ebony Box wood. British Staunton chess set with ebony and boxwood pieces weighted extra queens tall king.

Bucephalus Staunton Chess Set with Padauk Boxwood Pieces.

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The chessboard no or would fit the best for this model.

Fierce Knight Staunton Chess Set in Box Wood. Get best price and read about. 1 th Century Staunton Series Chess Pieces in Ebony Wood Boxwood.

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