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Circa 1800 English Turned Antique Reproduction Chess Set Ebony Boxwood Pieces with Black Ash Burl Chess Board $389.00 This chess set includes our Circa 1800 English Turned antique reproduction chess pieces in ebony and boxwood with our Black and Ash Burl Deluxe Chess Board. This unique and eloquent antique reproduction chess set was produced in the 1840's in England and is commonly referred to as and English Playing set. The Kings and Queens feature well turned narrow barrel bodies mounted atop baluster shaped pedestals. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature is the round pyramid shaped base. The rook is represented as pedestal mounted reticulated towers surmounted with a tapered flagless staff. The Bishop, Knight and Pawn resemble styles seen on typical Barleycorn chess sets. The most noticeable feature of this chess set is the precise lathe work devoted to create and replicate each piece. The craftsmanship is extraordinary. Pieces are made from genuine ebony and boxwood and are weighted to the extent possible given the size of the base.Our Black and Ash Burl Deluxe chess board is a favorite for ebony and boxwood chess sets. The black and golden color of the natural ash burl wood creates a rich looking backdrop with its high gloss glass like finish. A pinstripe around the playing area along with an extra wide frame adds elegance to an already spectacular chess board. This is an inlaid chess board made for us by Rechapados Ferrer in Spain and the quality of the craftsmanship is unsurpassed. The squares are 2.125 with the chess board measuring 21.5 overall and .5 thick. Whether you are a collector or just looking for one impressive chess set to display in your home, playing chess with this chess set will add a feel of nostalgia and an extra level of enjoyment to the game!Chess Pieces Ebony Boxwood Hand polished lacquered finish King Height 4.6 King Base 1.625 King Weight 2 Ounces Chess Set Weight 32 Ounces Green Baize Cloth PadsChess Board Material Black Stained Wood Ash Burl Veneer Wood Materials Finish High Gloss Polyurethane glass like finish Square Size 2.125 actual 55 mm Dimensions 21.5 x 21.5 x .5 Imported from Spain, Rechapados Ferrer is the largest manufacturer and the most recognized name of high quality wood chess boards in the world.

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