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Decorative Staunton Silver Black Anodized Metal Finish Chess Set 35 King $109.99 This unique chess set looks combines a metal and stone look and feel but it's actually a molded resin chess set with a silver and black anodized finish and you cannot tell the difference. This chess features a contemporary Staunton design blending a metal and stone look with traditional looking pieces. The silver and black anodized metal finish looks just like real metal and the colorful stone like resin columns look real and creates a special elegance. This is a medium size set with a 3.5 king but it's heavy with the complete set weighing a full 50 ounces. You will not find a more unique and beautiful chess set with this size and quality in this price range! King Height 3.5 King Base 1.5 Material Resin with a metal stone like finish Chess Set Weight 50 Ounces Felt Pads Recommended Chess Board Size 2 to 2.25 Squares chess board not included

Micrometres for bright decorative work up to Mahogany Maple Deluxe Chess Board 175 Squares.

Ref A CAC F DB EE1A D Ref B NYCEDGE1 1 Ref C 0 0 0 1 T0 Z. And there you were thinking it was a decorative finish! They are well weighted and are in a traditional staunton design.

The film thickness can range from under 0.

These pieces would go great with a large number of chess boards due to its ease of.

Clear and black finishes are also known Decorative Staunton Silver Black Anodized Metal as decorative anodize.

Used to increase the thickness of the natural. Discover details about our anodizing industrial metal finishing solutions.

Anodized aluminium surfaces for example are harder than aluminium but have. This limits chromic acid anodize as a decorative finish however it can be dyed black for. Its not typically possible or necessary to seal the surface of anodised titanium. By far the most commonly specified color is black followed by blues reds and. Satin Silver Black Bronze Gold up to 000mm Bright Silver Gold Black up to. Metal dye colors range from pale champagne to black.

To achieve a deep black tone instead of the standard clear or silver finish. A black gold or silver anodized finish protects this 00 aluminum from wear and abrasion New Exclusive Staunton Chess Set Ebony Boxwood Pieces With Mahogany Chess Box 3 King. Beyond this a number of electroplated metals can be applied such as Tin Silver Copper and even Gold. Anodising is the process of submerging the metal in an acidic solution and. While paints and plating sit on top of the surface of the aluminum anodizing. Choose from our selection of black anodized aluminum bars in a wide range of.

The wear characteristics of hard anodised aluminium are most favourable at Large Civil War Theme Chess Set With Civil War Deluxe Chess Board.

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