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Gray Ash Burl Erable High Gloss Deluxe Chess Board 175 Squares $139.95 Our gray ash burl and whitened erable bird's eye maple deluxe chess board is a wonderful choice for a variety of chess sets including brass, ebony, and a variety of our theme chess sets. The gray stained ash burl creates a mix of various gray colors that beautifully accentuates the character of the wood grain. Made from the finest veneer available, the precise inlay work by the highly skilled craftsmen at Rechapados Ferrer is simply unsurpassed! A triple inlay of black and white veneers along with an extra wide border framing the playing area adds a look of elegance. The entire chess board is sealed in high gloss polyurethane creating a glass like finish. Material Gray Stained Wood Erable Veneer Wood Materials Finish High Gloss Polyurethane glass like finish Square Size 1.75 actual 45mm Dimensions 17.75 x 17.75 x .5 Imported from Spain, Rechapados Ferrer is the largest manufacturer and the most recognized name of high quality wood chess boards in the world.

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