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Italfama Green Gold Leatherette Chess Board 2 Squares $99.95 This elegant green and gold leatherette chess board will prove a terrific choice for nearly any chess set whether wood or metal. The squares will accommodate a chess set with a base up to 1.625 and about 4 tall. The . The outside border has decorative faux tooled leather look and the leatherette vinyl is both durable and can be easily cleaned. Outside Material Leatherette Vinyl Square Size 2 Overall Dimensions 18 x 18 x .625 Made in Italy

Manopoulos Archers Chess Set Gold Silver Green Chess Board x.

Burgundy Gold Pressed Leather Board Ital Fama Italy by WorldWise.


This gorgeous chess set comes packaged in Italfamas fancy signature green and.

Italfama Briar and Wood Chessboard in Black and White cm Romans Barbarians Hand Painted Deluxe Chess Set Package. The best names in Chess Jaques SAC and Dal Negro. Ref A BC 0B B C 1FA A0D D B0DE Ref B NYCEDGE111 Ref C 0 0 0 1 T0 0 Z.

They have chess sets made from metal wood resin pewter leather and. Chequerboards Deluxe Old Club Staunton Chess Set In Rosewood Boxwood With Mahogany Box 375 King. Chess boards in all sizes by the best names in Chess Jaques SAC and Dal Negro.

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The chess pieces are made from light and dark turned wood with gold and silver.

Black and White Laminate Board Chess Set Inch Roll Up Game White. Italfama Leatherette Chess Board cm.

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