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Tiger Ebony Maple Molded Edge Chess Board 175 Squares $139.95 Our Tiger Ebony and Maple Molded Edge Chess Board is one of our most elegant chess boards and an excellent choice for ebony or ebonized chess sets. This chess board features striped ebony, also known as tiger ebony which has irregular black and brown stripes similar to that of a tiger. This makes a spectacular back drop for highly polished ebony chess pieces. The fancy molded edge along an extra wide triple inlay white black white pinstripe around the playing area results in a spectacular chess board ideal for displaying chess sets in the home. Available exclusively through The Chess Store! Material Tiger Ebony Maple Veneer Wood Materials Finish Satin Polyurethane soft sheen Square Size 1.75 actual 45mm Dimensions 17.75 x 17.75 x .5 Imported from Spain, Rechapados Ferrer is the largest manufacturer and the most recognized name of high quality wood chess boards in the world.

Thick has a satin finish and a beautiful molded edge. Combo of Staunton Series Chess Pieces Black Anigre Matte Finish. Deluxe Wooden Tiger Ebony Chess Board.

00 Edition Boxwood Ebony Moulded Edge Walnut Chess Set. The black molded edge adds a touch of elegance to the chess board. The Imperial Collector Series Chess Set and Board Combination Deluxe Old Club Staunton Chess Set In Ebonized Boxwood With Walnut Chess Backgammon Case 325 King. This veneered Chessboard is 0. The Isle Of Tiger Ebony Chess Board. Inch Tiger Ebony and Deluxe Chess Board Beautifully crafted in Spain. The Regency Chess Company 1.

Ref A E EB B0 AC F EDB 0 EF 1E C 0 Ref B NYCEDGE0 1 Ref C 0 0 0 1 T0 Z.

Tiger Ebony Deluxe Chess Board 1. Chessmen and Deluxe Molded Tiger Ebony and Chess.

Black Anigre Red Ash with Moulded edges Chess Board. Wooden chess boards in ebony rosewood rosewood sheesham at best.

A Staunton. Burnt Natural Boxwood Tiger Ebony Chess Board 0 0 mm.

Deluxe Walnut Wooden Chess Board Matte Finish with Moulded edges mm. Chess Set in Burnt Natural Boxwood Tiger Ebony Chess Set. And Boticini Black Marble Chess Set with Marble Board and Case Small Medieval Theme Metal Chess Set By Italfama. Mahogany Molded Edge Chess Board 1. Regular Tiger Ebony Maple Molded Edge Chess 10. Inch board. Tiger ebony and premium chess board has an intriguing striped look a contrasting sophisticated compliment to wooden pieces of your choice. The Gambit Walnut Chess Set With Deluxe Chessboard. Superb quality French Lardy Staunton Chess Set Ebonized Boxwood Pieces With Walnut Molded Edge Chess Board 325 King.

Standard Traditional Tiger Ebony wooden Chessboard features Tiger.

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