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Yugoslavia Staunton Chess Set in Ebonized Boxwood with Walnut Folding Chess Case 325 King $199.00 This chess set package includes our Yugoslavia Staunton Chess Set matched with a beautiful walnut folding chess case! Our Yugoslavia Staunton originates from the chess set designed for the 1950 Chess Olympiad held in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia. This unique and handsome Staunton design has since become a favorite for chess players around the world and one of our most popular chess sets. We made a few minor changes such as adding a tapered base to enhance appearance and balance of the chess pieces while maintaining the integrity of the intended design. As you can see from the photo, the black ebonized chess pieces contrast beautifully against the walnut and maple of the chess board. As with most of our chess sets, 2 extra queens are included. The chess case is made from solid walnut, walnut and maple veneers. It opens up to a large 17.5 chess board with 1.875 squares. The perimeter of the board has a raised frame and an attractive inlay border surrounds the outside of the case. The inside is lined with a soft gold velour material. Strong magnets keep the case closed. An unbeatable value at this price!Chess Pieces Ebonized Boxwood Boxwood Pieces individually hand polished with solid lacquer and buffing wheel King Height 3.25 King Base 1.25 King Weight 2 oz. Chess Set Weight 32 oz. 2 spare queens are included for pawn promotion Green Baize PadsChess Case Solid Walnut, Walnut Maple Veneers Elegant inlay border around perimeter of case. Finish Satin Polyurethane soft sheen Square Size 1.875 Closed Dimensions 17.5 x 8.75 x 3 Open Dimensions 17.5 x 17.5 x 1.5 Interior is lined with a gold color velvet material

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Knight Staunton Chess Set In Ebonized Boxwood With Folding Chess Case Deluxe Old Club Staunton Chess Set Ebonized American Revolutionary Theme Chess Set With Classic Walnut Maple Chess Board. Latest Entries.

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In the th Chess Olympiad organized by the FIDE and the government of Yugoslavia.

Knight Staunton Chess Set Ebonized. Knight Staunton Chess Set In Ebonized Boxwood With Folding Chess Case Deluxe Old Club Staunton Chess Set In Ebonized Boxwood With Folding Chess Case Deluxe Old Club Staunton Chess Set Ebonized. The Dubrovnik chess set has chess pieces of a particular type influenced by the Staunton.

Ebonized Boxwood Galaxy Staunton Wooden Chess Set Pieces Height Triple Weighted.

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Ebonized Boxwood. Ebonized and Boxwood set opposed to the. 1 Reproduced Fischer Spassky Staunton Pattern Chess Set V.

Deluxe Old Club Staunton Chess Set Ebonized Boxwood Pieces With Walnut Board Box 325 King

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